Entrepreneur, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Reji Marc calls his music Blues Alternative.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington USA, Reji Marc has lived several lives in different countries around the world, speaks three different languages and writes from personal experiences and dreams. He says that his aim has always been to inspires the young dreamer in people and keep everyone dancing. Born to southern parents, Reji is a self taught Musician that started out on piano at four years old and eventually guitar by fourteen. Reji started out in the music industry at an early age dancing and lip syncing music by his idols growing up like Rick James, Prince and Michael Jackson. Wanting to see the world, Reji began his spiritual quest after high school and began traveling the globe.
He eventually retreated to the villages of South-East Asia and from the ever changing music industry only to rediscover himself and his love for the art of making music and performing.